Debra Puzio
Founder & Creative Director

After 29 years in the world of jewelry, I remain passionate about the people, products, ideas and resources that drive this colorful industry.  I am motivated by beauty and driven by the desire to succeed.

What’s your luxury story?

To me, luxury is a feeling that brings a profound sense of satisfaction. It is evoked through all kinds of experiences, from slipping on a diamond necklace or cashmere sweater to creating a dinner party for my closest friends.

Jessica Jaffe
Research & Content Development

With my background in anthropology, I feel at home exploring the culture of a brand. Jewelry is a fascinating study and I find gratification in unearthing the unique story of each concept.

What’s your luxury story?

I seldom connect luxury with material objects. For me, luxury exists in unstructured time, like treating myself to a long hike or a leisurely morning of uninterrupted reading.

Laura Auchter
Merchandising & Concept Development

After working at QVC as a merchant for 7 years, I turned my attention to building a family with my husband, our two small children and our dog. As a project specialist for luxury brands, I am able to balance my life in a way that makes sense for me and my family.

What’s your luxury story?

When I see my kids playing, sharing and laughing together. Being a mom has been my hardest job, but it is the most rewarding when I get to see the magic in their eyes and smiles on their faces every day. Also, any opportunity to wear my Louboutins.


I am so lucky that my adventures in jewelry design have led me around the world and into the lives of celebrities and design luminaries. I love collaborating to create the most beautiful product.

What's your luxury story?

Luxury, to me, is beauty and attention to detail that speaks to the soul. It's the thrill of recognition when whimsy and craftsmanship have combined to delight the senses.